The Crazy Lady Has Left the Building

The past eleven months have been a fabulous, frightening, blissified, roller coaster ride for me and my three kid-lings. I went a little crazy last August (according to some) and sold my house in the Southern California desert (a town 15 minutes from the Mexican border and the epicenter for the 2010 Easter 7.2 earthquake).

and packed all of our earthly belongings into a HUGE Budget truck.

The kids and I and a wonderful friend loaded 2 dogs, 5 cats and 2 ferrets into the van, cashed out my retirement, crossed our fingers, took a deep breath and headed east to Vermont. We were headed to a town I’d never seen before. A town where I had no job, no job prospects, no home, no nothing. We did, however, have our sense of humor and hope.

We arrived and within a week rented a farmhouse built around 1860 from the most wonderful landlord/lady. They exude such warm, positive energy and even lowered the rent so that I could have the house. They said that I needed to be in this house ~ this house with a stained glass window in a quiet neighborhood at the top of a hill where I can grow raspberries and hydrangeas and listen to the crows argue with the blue jays.

I am learning about transitions and learning that I must embrace them. We’ve experienced our first year of seasons ~  Mother Earth cycling from the hyperactive exuberance of spring to the deathlike, calm of winter.

I have been dealing with my own physical transition into the next phase of my life as I turn 50. I am also dealing with the emotional transition of being a mom who has home schooled her children for the last 20 years and now see two of them off to high school and the oldest off to college.  There is also the emotional transition of becoming the parent of three children who have stepped into the early years of their adulthood and now know everything about everything.

I am transitioning from a worrier with chaotic thoughts and to-do lists that never get done to someone who seeks stillness. I am learning to listen to those   Goddess whispers that I have so often ignored.

I am doing my best to move from being a cautious spiritual soul to someone who is learning to trust the wisdom and guidance of the Universe for all that we need. I am transitioning from a life lived externally to one that is focused on the me that is inside, my core, my passion and purpose, my writing.

I am learning that transitions are part of life and that Vermont may not be a forever thing, but for now it is my bliss.

Do what you love.

Know your own bone;

gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.

~ Henry David Thoreau~